Sunday, January 09, 2011

The Pirate Santa Embroidery is Finished!

I finished the pirate santa! I spent about six hours embroidering last night, primarily working on the swap project and then finishing up the pirate santa. I'm not sure if it's due to the curves or the black outline on the really dark navy fabric, but I really dislike embroidering letters. It's not fun at all. I finished the main character of the santa over a month ago. All I had to complete was the letters, yet this embroidery project has sat in my workbasket for over month.
The letters are finally complete. Now that I'm looking at the photos I think I might fill in the word rum with a light green. I haven't fully decided. I'm tempted to just leave it as it is. 

Colors Used: 
413 | 321 | 975 | 699
3852 | 905 | white |black
In other exciting news, the swap project is almost done. I just need to embroider one little piece, about an inch in width. All of the foreground and background is complete. I spent about four hours trying to finish it up last night. I didn't manage to finish it all, but it was incredibly close. Now I need to decide how or if I'm going to decorate the small 4" hoop. Then I can send it off to my swap partner.

Part of my push to get the swap done is because my swap partner has already finished her hoop, and sent it off to me! My swap partner sent me this adorable butterfly! She chose the colors incredibly well. Look at that gorgeous satin stitch!

The purple flowers remind me of the wisteria we had at the house I grew up in. My dad built an arbor in front of the house and planted wisteria. Within a few years wisteria had completely taken over the arbor and the surrounding fence. I love the smell of wisteria in the summer. The flowers were simply beautiful.


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