About Me

I don't believe in craft monogamy.

I started knitting when I was 16 years old, and have been knitting for over 6 years. I took a beginner knitting class from a local yarn store (LYS), and became absolutely obsessed with the craft. I spent countless hours online in knitting forums teaching myself new knitting techniques and increasing my knowledge. Within six months of learning how to knit, I was working in a LYS.

There I learned a variety of new techniques, including how to knit with both hands, an essential skill for colorwork. I quickly became comfortable with reading patterns and adjusting patterns for different gauges. I was thoroughly smitten with knitting.

I've been crafting all my life. I was raised in a household that encouraged countless arts and crafts projects. While I always enjoyed crafting, it wasn't until I discovered knitting that I became passionate about crafting. Maybe I was just the right age. Maybe something about knitting just clicked with me. Either way, knitting became an essential part of my life.

Knitting was my gateway drug

After knitting for a while, I wanted to try bead knitting. Once I stepped into a bead store, I was hooked on beading. I love yarn, in all it's fibery goodness. One day I thought to myself, what if I made my own yarn? Wouldn't that be cool? So I started spinning. From then on it was a downward spiral into craftiness.

I have tried nearly every kind of craft at least once. My four favorites are knitting, beading, embroidery, and sewing. So while I may dabble in papercrafts or enjoy making a stained glass piece, I will always come back to the main four.

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