Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Needle Book

I spent several hours today making a needle book! I found a really basic pattern by Martha Stewart, and I picked up felt yesterday to make one. I spruced the pattern up quite a bit by using a great button, embroidering the front, and using two colors for the cover and interior pages.

I used royal blue felt for the cover and a great lighter blue for the strap and the inside pages. It made six pages total. I really like the contrast between the lighter blue and the royal blue. When I started it I debated using the contrasting color for the strap and I'm glad I did. The cover is embroidered with lazy daisies. At first I was going to do the whole cover, but I really liked how the triangle looked instead. Plus, I think a whole cover of lazy daisies would be too much.

The binding is lime green floss, all six strands. I used a large tapestry needle to do the binding. While it was blunt, it was the only thing that could go through 8 layers of fleece easily.

Here's a closeup of the button. These were a major influence on the color scheme I decided on.


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