Monday, November 29, 2010

Embroidery hoops taste delicious

I purchased a few embroidery supplies today. Two cheap 8" hoops (1 from Michaels, 1 Mill End) for my soon to be hoopla wall, and a small red 2.5" plastic hoop because I couldn't resist its cuteness. I also found a couple pieces of felt and some adorable buttons so I can make a needle case.

Evidently, Delia thinks that embroidery hoops are delicious.

See hoop.



Yummy. This tastes good!

She attacked one the second she saw it. It's the strangest thing; I've been embroidering for several weeks now yet she ignores the hoop I'm working on. I don't know if she just likes the "cheap" hoops I purchased today, or if she has decided that embroidery hoops should become a part of her daily diet.


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