Sunday, November 28, 2010

My first swap

I've joined an embroidery swap on Craftster! I joined the site many years ago, and while I'm relatively active in the forum I had completely forgotten they did swaps. When I posted my owl in the Completed Projects board several people encouraged me to join the upcoming embroidery swap.

I thought about it for several days. Money is very tight, and I'm still trying to find a job. When I do find a job I'll be working a lot of hours, leaving less time for crafting. Add in the holidays and needing to make Christmas presents and I wasn't sure I could commit to a swap. However, it's a mini-hoop swap. The hoop has to be between 2"-4". A regular sized hoop would be too much, but a small one I can definitely do!

Photo by - Check out her stuff, it's adorable!

Signups end on Dec 7th. The last day for mailing the hoop is Jan 10.


LimeRiot said...

We're so glad to have in the swap Obsessed Knitter!!

- Lime Riot

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