Thursday, August 20, 2009

Oh the fabric!

A woman on craigslist was selling quilting cotton for $2 a yard, so of course I snatched some up. Look what I got, all for under $20! Almost all cuts are >1, most being at least 2 yards.

This woman had an insane amount of great purples! So of course I grabbed tons!

Alice of course had to investigate the purples. They met her exacting standards.

She had this great black and white print.

I even grabbed a few fabrics that were still on the bolt. I just love that rainbow! As anyone who knows me will testify, I am very big into the bright and bold colors. That fabric definitely fits the bill. I'm not sure what it's going to be yet, but I'm sure it will be awesome.

Then there was the beautiful blue.

I've recently acquired enough fabric that I have to think of ways to store/sort it. I don't have that much, but since I've decided I love applique, and probably will love quilting, my cotton stash went from non-existant to fledgling. So I spent one of my days off sorting through and categorizing my fabric, as well as washing and folding. I haven't gotten to the ironing stage yet. So I still have a mound of fabric that needs to be ironed, folded and put away. I love buying new fabric, but I hate the whole washing, detangling, and ironing part.

I had another great find at Goodwill. There's one by my work, one by my house, and many on the way to and from. Most recently, I found a Singer book on Machine Quilting. It's a great intro book, and will be really helpful when I finally start a quilt. So that makes my crafty Goodwill total to date... hmm. A huge bag of lace, a huge bag of buttons, a cardboard cutting board,

>30 yards lightweight sew in interfacing,

4 panels of Winnie the Pooh Christmas panel fabric, four Christmas gifts, a three drawer 8.5x11 organizer, and a Machine Quilting Book. That's just the crafty stuff I've found there. Goodwill, how I love thee.

And here's a photo of the green I was talking about in my last post. Do you see how much lighter the left side is? It looks like two completely different fabrics! That's not the underside, that's how much lighter the 'light' side of the gradient is! I don't know how on earth I didn't notice it before.

In case you can't tell, I'm trying to be better about including photos in my posts. I am a huge photography geek, and a computer geek, but for some reason I always get side tracked when I'm about to take photos for the blog.


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