Friday, August 21, 2009

Operation Quilt

I really want to make this quilt for my first quilt. It's called a jewelbox quilt.

It looks relatively simple, but is still stunning. I'm definitely using black for the faux sashing. I have 3+ yards of a lime green, and 2.5 yds of a nice green, so I think instead of using them for the messenger bag, I'll use them for this quilt. They're high quality, but a little rough (broadcloth), which I'm hoping will soften with washing. If I go with these, it means that I would stay with the solid theme and buy other solid fabrics for the quilt. Then I wouldn't be able to take advantage of Joann's $1.99 sale on quilting cottons. Decisions decisions.

I haven't decided whether I want my quilt to resemble the picture above, trading out the colors of the blocks and using more fabrics, or whether I want it to resemble this. This only uses five colors, and the same colors/the same block is repeated over and over.


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