Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Well... that didn't work

I'm working on my mother's Christmas present, getting everything prepped, cut out, etc. She reads this blog, so no specifics on the project until after Christmas. She knows it will be sewn and uses fabric, so I'm safe to post this.

Anyways, so I bought this great green fabric. It has a wonderful pattern, and the color matches the other fabrics perfectly. I was ironing the fabrics when suddenly I realize that the color looks off. I spread it out, and low and behold, the fabric goes from this nice spring kelly green to a very very light icky lime green color. Crap. At first I'm convinced that the color has just washed out. But to wash out in a perfect sequential gradient? Hmm. So off a googling I go. Low and behold, the entire series of fabrics in this line are gradients. How the hell did I not notice this on the bolt? Really, how did I not see this?

So now I have a day off that I won't be able to use working on my mom's present because the green ties this entire project together, and I can't go to the next step until I have the green. I'll have to wait until I get paid on Friday so I can go to Joann's again and find another green. I had a hard enough time finding this green, and now I get to start the process all over again.

Sometimes, I think I am my own worst enemy.


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