Saturday, November 17, 2007


My newest project is the Shedir hat.

This hat gave me a bit of trouble at first. I'm doing this in two colors, in fair isle. I love the appearance of fair isle but I can't seem to manage floats longer than 1, occasionally 2 sts without puckering. So horrible am I at fair isle that I attempted to do this hat in intarsia. With 16 bobbins. Although extremely complicated, it was actually working until I tried on the hat and realized that it was much too big. I frogged it. I cast on again, casting on 112 sts rather than 128, and using fair isle. Only did 5 rows of ribbing.

I have about 3" done, and it's still a bit big. However, I am planning to line it with fleece, so hopefully it won't fall down around my ears. :D With this fair isle, I just can't push myself to rip back. Again. If I do rip back, I'll take out another 8 sts.


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