Saturday, November 17, 2007

Shedir part 2

I ripped it out again. It was about 24" unstretched, and while I have a huge head, it kept slipping down. I don't want to have to depend on the crown to keep my hat on.
Their hat (the pattern)
8.7 sts/in
14.2 in circumference (from CO only)
10 rounds per inch

my gauge (with US 6)
4.5 sts/in
3.8 rows/in
9 inches = 34 rows
so: 5 rows ribbing
11 rows cable (ie. chart 10-20)
31 rows decrease
**Won't work**

So, switched to a US 4 - do swatch
Did swatch. Got 5 sts/in and 5 rows/inch. I liked the look of this fabric a lot more. However, I still need nearly double the amount of sts per inch. Next I'm going to switch to US 1's. I don't think I have a US 1, so I might have to buy one.


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