Thursday, October 18, 2007

Life is good if you're not lactose intolerant


It's been several rough weeks over here. Without complaining incessantly, this whole LI (lactose intolerance) thing is a pain in the pa-tootie. With more research I have discovered that it looks like LI (severe LI) rather than milk allergies. Until the end of last week, I had no food in my refrigerator, and I couldn't eat anything except salad at the cafeteria. So, stuck between the choice of eating something with dairy in it and getting sick, or not eating, I didn't eat. For two weeks, I think I ate maybe four times. While that has done wonders in making me comfortably fit pants a size smaller, I was so incredibly out of it. I felt like a zombie wandering the earth.

After two weeks, and when I finally start to eat again (I have food in my fridge), I get smacked down by the cold from hell. For some reason, my sleeping schedule got all off track and let's just say I'm beating my own personal insomnia records. Finally, a week after I get my cold, I'm 90% better and can function without being heavily medicated, when I get hungry and decide that eating a Panini, with the cheese taken off would be just fine. It did have mayonnaise, but it was a mayonnaise-Dijon blend which I reasoned couldn't upset me too much.

Boy was I wrong. Over 30 hours later, I'm still feeling icky.

I really hate LI.

Knitting wise, this is going to be quick cause I'm actually tired and I have a huge test that I'm getting up early to cram for (see what I mean about the insomnia thing? And this is nothing) I haven't been doing much of it. I'm working on the earrings project, plan to resume the Monkey socks and finish up the Counterpoint blanket.


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