Friday, June 22, 2007

I have no internet

... At the place I am housesitting, thus the lack of posting. This is my first time in TWO DAYS I've been able to get onto the internet. Well, technically they do have internet, but I can't hook up my computer to it, and since all of the stuff I do is on password protected stuff (Vox, facebook, Ravelry, TtH, Flickr, etc) I don't feel that comfortable doing it on someone elses computer. So now I'm at the library soaking up the Wi-Fi connection.

I've gotten caught up on email and Facebook, and now it's time to get caught up on Traveler, as the next day (Thursday) was my first day of work as an employee of Company B, so I didn't end up watching it. (It's on at 10pm and since I work early and the dog gets me up early, and I want to be awake for work... I need to go to sleep early.

I am now officially employed! Yay! Anyways, I'm off to go watch Traveler.


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