Friday, June 15, 2007

A busy life both knitting and otherwise

(For those who just want to hear about the knitting stuff, scroll down. :D)

I know there's been a bit of a lull in posting, but I have excuses valid reasons. First of all, I got accepted to Ravelry. Like many other fellow knitters, I have caught the Ravelry obsession and spend way too much time than is healthy on that site. Secondly, I've been looking for and applying for summer jobs. It's a pain and quite a hassle, as many places won't hire seasonal summer workers.

In the middle of May, I applied to four places. One wanted me to have experience in something I didn't (even though I knew plenty about four other areas directly related to their store), two

weren't hiring seasonal people (one didn't tell me this until I was actually in the interview, the other didn't until two weeks after I applied), and the other one I got through the entire interviewing process only to find out that there had been a bit of miscommunication with the manager and they already had enough seasonal people.

This last one was the job I was really hoping for, and it looked really good, until they called me yesterday. I was a bit upset at this oversight, but I immediately started applying at more places, and resuming my job search. Unfortunately, it took so long for this last company (we'll call them company A) to get back to me and to go through the interviewing process that I'm already a month into my summer. Not a good thing for someone who wants seasonal work.

So yesterday I applied to two jobs (Company B and C). I tried applying at company D but their online application software wasn't working correctly. Today I looked at Company E which had a job fair, only to find out they don't have any seasonal positions open. While on my way to the job fair, I got called by company B, who wants to interview me! Yay! TI also picked up an application for Company F and talked with the manager who said they only have night and weekend shifts open. I'm not sure if that'll be enough hours, but right now anything is better

than nothing. I also went into company G and filled out their application, took their little customer service test, and talked with the manager. He said I can expect a call back around Monday.

Whew! Do you understand why I haven't been posting now? :D In the past month (and a few days) I've applied to 8 companies! (Ten if you count company D and the E's job fair)

Also, last weekend we drove down to California (that's right, DROVE). And not northern California, oh no. We were in Santa Monica. My uncle had passed away after a long and fruitful life (he was 92 years old) and my mother, who was very close to him, wanted to be at the funeral. So my entire family drove down to California. It's an 18 hour drive. We left Thursday at 2:30, and came back Sunday night at 12:30. That's a whole lot of driving.

In knitting news:
I did get some knitting done! On the way done to California, I made this.


Campfire Socks, by Cider Moon (It's a free pattern!)
Yarn: Colinette's Jitterbug
Needles: Lantern Moon Bamboo Size 2

I love this pattern, and I want to make these over and over and over in different yarns. But my mom saw these, and she wants a pair. In the same exact yarn. I'm not sure if I can handle making two pairs of socks (Four socks, four!) using the same exact yarn and the same exact pattern. The yarn is gorgeous though. It's a bit short on the yardage though, or at least that's what I thought. Because of this, I bought two balls of yarn. If you only have to buy one ball, it's a pretty average price for sock yarn. But if you have to buy two... these are not Lorna's Laces prices, my friends. It would make some pretty expensive socks. However, one ball looks like it will do just fine. And I made them a normal length, it's not like they're anklets.

The Sheep Tote

My friend and I, about two to three weeks ago, decided we should make some knitted bags. We went to Ben Franklin and picked out some yarn. I chose a deep, deep purple color to make the Sheep Tote. It was such a quick knit, and turned out beautifully. I only used one strand, and adjusted the pattern a bit to maintain the same dimensions with my smaller gauge (worsted for bulky swap). We were even good little knitters and both made a gauge swatch, then felted it. I used my gauge swatch to practice needle felted the sheep. Ignore the white blobs behind the green and white ones and the white one by his head (I was trying different methods). I just love the lime green. Lime green and purple are a gorgeous combination.
Needle felted sheep practice

On the way down to California, I also finished Soleil. That's right. I finished knitting Soleil. (I don't think I ever mentioned it here, I should have but it only took me three weeks to complete!!!) My first ever large fitted garment is done. I'm very happy with it. I haven't blocked it, seamed the shoulders, woven in the ends or done the crochet edging, but other than that, it's completely done! (To me, although it is important, the finishing is minor in comparison to the rest of it.)

Blocking Soleil

Pattern: Soleil from Knitty
Yarn: Debbie Bliss Cathay
Amount Used: 6 skeins
Needles: US 6
Adjustments: I made the torso a bit longer, and I actually made the straps thinner by 6 sts. They're still plenty wide)


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