Saturday, February 10, 2007

Madrona the second

First of all, for some reason my custom banner isn't working. Can anyone else see it? It's worked up until now. And yes, I know it's been a long time since I posted. But I'm back at school, which has been so busy (I'm doing 15 hrs a week of Calculus, just to do the homework) that I just haven't had the time to post.
So, here's my second post about Madrona. This is the lovely that I picked up there. I tried a few different spindles, but I just could not resist this one. It's from Spindlewood Co., a local Oregon company run by Steve and Connie Paulsen. It's made of Birdseye maple, with a redheart shaft. It's 1 1/8 oz, or 31 grams, making it my lightest spindle. It spins beautifully, and for a very long time.

Most of all, I love the detail on this spindle. It's very unique, and absolutely gorgeous. I love the contrast of the two different colors of the whorl, as well as well as the curves. It also has the same beautiful detailing on the bottom. I also love the finish on this spindle. I'm not sure what they used, but what I've encountered when I've looked at spindles is that the finish they use seems too heavy for the wood and the desired purpose, it feels 'sticky' to my fingers. The finish on this spindle is deliciously smooth. I'm in total love with it.

Now comes the part about flash-your-stash I mentioned in the previous post. I learned how to braid roving! (I used this as a reference). So, given how a lot of my fiber was everywhere, as well as generally smooshed, I decided braiding it would both organize it as well as make it pretty and let it get a little air. So, I present to you. The braided roving.
Aren't they pretty?


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