Monday, January 29, 2007

The Loot - the fiber

This post is going to be a bit of a flash your stash, and a bit of my new loot. (Just warning you, there are pictures and links to pictures aplenty ahead).

First of all, I acquired some beautiful roving at Madrona. Firstly, Crown Mountain Farms was there. Oh my goodness, their fibers were completely drool worthy. I wanted to snatch them all up. Unfortunately, this was not to be the case. Fortunately though, I had enough money to take a good shot at it. I simply fell in love with their pencil roving. It was something I had heard about before, but never actually owned nor spun. But then again, this was my first time buying hand dyed fiber. Gasp!! Before this, my only fiber purchases had been from Brown Sheep, where I picked up several pounds of mill ends at an irresistible price, and the few purchases at the Weaving Works. I took three different colorways home with me. This is the one I'm spinning up first. Gorgeous!

I really branched out with this second one. It caught my eye when I first entered the booth, and it just wouldn't leave me alone! For some reason, it really, really wanted to come home with me. I resisted at first, but then gave into the beautiful temptation. Something about this roving just calls my name.

And the last purchase from CMF, Undyed BFL! For $5.25! I could not resist the puffy cloud that is my favorite fiber!
The final roving I purchased was from Blue Moon Fibers. It was the only roving I purchased that is not a pencil roving, and was the last roving I purchased. I got the last one they had, at least on Saturday!

Non-fibery things will come later!


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