Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Pretend this was posted yesterday

Laceweight CMF singleReally, please do.

 I finally finished spinning up the second half of the CMF roving. Second half doesn't mean that I'm out of the CMF pencil roving in this color, not at all. It simply means that I filled my spindle once with a single (and I do mean filled), then I wound it into a center pull ball, let it sit on my desk for a week as I filled up the spindle yet again.

 I'm definitely loving this spindle. Prior to this, I've only had a Balkan spindle and a Turkish spindle, so although winding into a center pull ball is very easy on my Turkish, on the Balkan I had to make a lazy kate out of a shoebox so that the winding process wasn't painfully slow.

And guess what? That shoe box is currently sitting in the corner of my room. At home. In Washington state. A bit far from where I am. I was just going to make another one, but I found as I made a center pull ball off of the Purpleheart spindle that because it is missing a bottom whorl, I don't even need one. I just can wind, very quickly, from the spindle itself. It's awesome! I started plying last night, and almost made it all the way through.


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