Thursday, November 02, 2006

Hello World! It's an updated about me post!

Hi! Welcome to my world! I'm updating everything at the moment, as I just started this blog.

My name is Sarah (as you might have guessed by my blog title, my profile....) and I'm an undergrad at a small liberal arts school in the middle of nowhere. It takes two or more hours to get to the main city, as I am a poor college student who doesn't have a car, and probably won't be able to afford one anytime soon. You see, I have this addiction. Actually, I have two. It's called knitting, and it's called being a tech junkie. That means that most of my income (which I have none of at the moment, as I'm concentrating on school at the moment and not work) goes either towards yarn or other knitting/fiber needs, or towards my computerish needs. So I don't see myself getting a car this year, although it would be really nice. Maybe by next year. And by year, I am referring to school year, not that whole Roman Calendar thing everyone else goes off of.

So. Knitting. The oh so lovely addiction. And while non-knitters (Muggles as we affectionately call them) may not understand, any knitter will know what I'm talking about. And while I love my addiction to death (hey, it's cheaper than therapy, and on the scale of addictions, it's a pretty good one to have), it is not an inexpensive one. We no longer live in the days where it is cheaper to make a sweater than to buy one. I tend to laugh hysterically whenever someone asks if I knit because it's cheaper. But then again, it's cheaper than therapy, and a whole lot more productive.

There's just something meditative about knitting. The repetitive motions allow your brain to disconnect, to reflect on life. And in our oh-so-technological world, it is nice to create something with your hands, to make beautiful designs and garments out of what is basically a piece of string. Not that I mind this technology that our world is inundated with, after all, I plan to major in computer science and as I mentioned before, I'm a complete tech geek, and spend a lot of my time on the computer. I think that's part of why I love knitting so much. Other than the fact that I'm pretty artistic (well, I draw) I just like creating something tangible. And I love color, and yarn comes in too many colors and colorways. Varigated, or multi-colored yarn to muggles, has colorways. So if it's a yarn which has several different colors of blue in it, we'll say we like the colorway, or the transition from one color into another, and the colors as a whole.

Not that all knitting is easy, oh no. There is some knitting which requires me to be in a quiet area with no distractions. This is called lace knitting, where one mistake 8 rows down will mess up the entire pattern so you have to do what is affectionately and not so affectionately called ripping back, which basically means you slide the needles out of all your stitches (the loops) and pull on that string. This is also why in lace knitting most sane people will have what are called lifelines, which are other pieces of yarn strung through various rows so that you can't rip back too far. Lace is notorious for disintegrating when ripped. 40 + hours of work can be gone in seconds. This is why I'm not working on my lace shawl right now; college life does not seem very amenable towards lace knitting. I've worked on a lot of mindless knitting while I've been here, because it is knitting that does not suffer from frequent interruptions, and I can read or watch tv while I do it. I can literally knit it with my eyes closed, or in the dark.

Well, its about time for me to go to sleep, I have class in 6 hrs. Crap. More on my life tomorrow, hopefully.


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