Monday, October 16, 2006

Life is good, if a bit scary

College has been a bit psycho, but it's finally settling down. Or maybe I'm just getting used to it. My second batch of midterms start with an early one on Friday for CS, and a Soc one next Wed. I've already started studying for the Soc one, even though it's a week and a half away. His tests are evil hideous life-scarring bluebook exam to the extreme. All essay. Four to Five short essay (read 2 + paragraphs) that we have to choose out of about ten. No advance notice; the questions are a suprise. The second part is an essay. And I mean, an essay. Intro, thesis, body, conclusion paragraph and everything. Luckily, we are given three essay questions in advance, so we can write our essays beforehand so we will be prepared for what we're going to say on the test.

Luckily, I know now that there is an infinite difference between knowing the subject through bullet points and organizing an argument. And I know to make sure I'm all caught up on the reading by the day he gives us the study guide (read: the essay questions) so I only have to study after that, not read anything new.

Even with that, life has been good. I found a really nice yarn shop that I can tell I'm going to become a frequent customer with, and they have a knit night on Wednesday, totally free, for anyone who wants to come. I think I may end up doing that on Wednesday of next week, after I take my Soc exam, just so I can detox.

I'll talk more later, I need to prepare for class!


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