Thursday, June 22, 2006

The Circle of sporadic posting

I really need to start posting a little less sporadically. I think I've figured my out my lack of regularity to this blog: I don't like posting without having images to put up. I post at night, or like today, early morning, when there is no natural light. My camera's flash makes things look blue. Put all those reasons together and voila! I always want to wait to post until I have pics.

Of course, this leads to a continuous loop of non-posting action, as everyday I forget to take the pictures. :D

So, as much as I hate to post without pics, I'll have to settle for a thousand a few hyperlinks.

Numero Uno, I graduated, and life is good. The ceremony was incredibly short, lasting just one hour! Not an hour and twenty minutes, not an hour and ten minutes, but one hour even. The sad thing is that our practice for graduation was two and a half times longer than the actual thing! (don't even get me started on how ridiculously early, at least for me, I had to get up in order to go to said practice)

Since it's now summer, my hours at work have increased. I now work from 9:45 till closing (6 or 7 pm) three times a week. This week was a little hectic because I worked Monday and covered a shift for a fellow employee today, making a total of five times this week that I've been working. Phew.

And it doesn't help that I came down with a dreadful cold on Tuesday, and only now is it becoming tolerable. Have you ever noticed that your cold is 1000x better when you are at home as opposed to when you're working? ie. I felt like crap when I was at work, but when I got home, I was so much better (although still had a very bad cold). Even though I felt better, I still passed out for about fifteen hours, then went to work this morning. Luckily I have another day to rest before I work two consecutive all-dayers.

In knitting news:

I am knitting up this gorgeous tank, but since I learned the traditional method of continental purling, my purling tension has been a little off so I'm postponing this until I can actually purl at a somewhat normal rate. (When I first started this tank, I had to go so incredibly slow to make sure my tension was perfect that I only did like 6 or 8 rows of 115 sts in two hours. This is just stockingette with some short row shaping, nothing that should take me that long). Hence, the waitage. I've already bought half (the other half is still at work) of the yarn, I'm using Debbie Bliss Cathay in this great silver, not grey, color (in this pic it's color #07).

Yesterday, I mean Monday, I started my Noni bag. It knits up very quickly, I've already completed the 26 rows for the bottom, picked up the stitches around the bottom, started knitting it circularly for 22 rounds. I have another 23 rounds to go.

But today I didn't work on the Noni Bag, I worked on an old and forgotten WIP, the cherry leaf scarf. I was about six rows into it when I put it down probably over three or four months ago, and completely forgot about it. However, I was digging through my knitting bag, and low and behold, there was my forgotten project!

It's made out of recycled yarn that I took out of a 100% wool sweater that was double stranded the whole way through. I then seperated the two strands, giving me lots and lots of light sportweight whitish yarn. After that it was given the Kool Aid treatment, and turned out quite well, if I do say so myself. It's an aray of greens and a tiny bit of blue with a very occasional white. The cherry leaf scarf, henceforth abbreviated CLS, knits up very quickly (As of tonight I'm about 8 - 9 inches in) and is my first lace project/reading only off of a chart. It's a good pattern to learn how to rely on only the chart as it's very easy to follow, yet very beautiful. You can find the pattern here, but this pic doesn't do it justice so I've linked to someone else who has knitted up this scarf.

Well, that's all (all 300 bazillion pages) for now, hopefully I'll remember to take some pics if I'm feeling better.



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