Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Pretty Girls Make Graves

I was introduced to the band 'Pretty Girls Make Graves' a few years ago through The End, but I never really loved any of their music.

However, I knew that they were playing at Sasquatch, so I made my friend stay in the mosh pit with me during their set. I wanted to see if my liking for their music had increased.

Oh my god, they were phenomenal. Absolutely astounding. Great music. So great, that after their set and one other band's set, I was tired of moshing and decided to wander around. My friend stayed in the pit. While wandering, I decided to pick up their cd. With the cd, I got a free poster of the band.

And guess who was there, signing things? Pretty Girls Make Graves!!! I got to have them sign my poster and talk to them (they were really nice, btw) and now I have a pretty poster! Do you have a pretty poster? NO! :P

Anyways, my friend really liked them too, so when I met up with her a few hours later in the pit, she was not happy that I had gotten their cd, meet them, and get a signed poster. Come to think of it, neither was Mary when I told her (she's a big fan).

Oh well, it's me that's important. Just kidding.

I'll talk more about Sasquatch later, I really should be studying for the two tests I missed yesterday.

As for knitting, I'm working on a very cool Noni bag and I got the great reference 'Color in Spinning' by Deb Menz. Evidently, it is only recently that they've started reprinting it.


spaazlicious said...

Color Spinning will blow your mind--it's the bible on color blending for handspinning--and way more info than you really need. ;) I like paging through it though, reading it a bit at a time, nibbling like a fish with a dead diver all to myself...

BTW, congrats on the fist handspun--and nice books scores!

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