Tuesday, May 23, 2006

My first spun yarn!

spinningMy first handspun yarn is in the sink!

Instead of working on my Soc Psych paper, I decided to play around with my drop spindle. I had already completed a single in a light blue roving, so I wound that into a center pull ball, which freed up my spindle. Then I used the beautiful varigated roving I bought some time ago. It was a lot more slippery than the blue, although I found out it was easier to work with thinner chunks than I had been previously using. This meant I didn't have to monitor my draft for thickness nearly as much as the first single. However, as a whole it was a thicker single; I didn't want it to break apart as much as the first one did.

Once I finished that I wound it into another center-pull ball, then using my spindle, I plied the two together. The whole thing barely fit on my spindle; I think I need to consider purchasing a normal top whorl spindle if I want to make worsted or bulky weight yarns. In fact, I'm nearly a hundred percent positive that I need to.

So now my yarn is soaking in hot water (EEK! Wool+HotWater=SCARY), where it will remain for another 15 minutes. Then I'll take it and hang it up with a weight. Hopefully, it will be gorgeous, but I'm pretty sure I didn't ply it enough. Oh well. It's my first attempt. The final pictures will follow, and I'll post it on Spinning Fiber on LJ to see what the ladies there think.

I probably should go write my paper.


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