Tuesday, May 09, 2006

My Madil purse and life

This is going to be the third or fourth time today that I'm uploading pics from my camera; it's been a weird day. My dad is trying to sell his boat motor on craigslist, so he wanted me to take some pictures on my digital camera and upload them on the net for him. My mom wanted me to take pictures of my graduation quilt,which I absolutely love, and another one of her quilts she's making. Of course, she wanted me to upload those for her as well. I don't mind doing any of this, but I found it funny that everyone wanted it today!

I had a semi-productive knitting day today. Last night, well, technically this morning, I started and finished the entire bottom shaping for my Madil purse. Then later today I went to Joann's where I picked up the satin I'm going to use for the lining, a broach for the front, and some fringe that I hope to use. Aren't they pretty? I'm so happy I found this color of fabric, it's the exact color that's on my purse. I also bought wire to make an internal structure to give the box more weight and maintain it's shape, but that experiment didn't go to well. Instead, I decided to block the purse and see how sturdy it comes out. It's hanging from the towel rack in the bathroom right now. I still think I'll have to use a wire structure in between the knitting and the liner, but I'll find some other way to create it rather than trying to smooth out 20 gauge wire, that's been coiled for the last few months, by hand.

In RL, it's going pretty well. We had to do a group norms experiment for my soc psych class, which was very interesting and I'll discuss later. I turned in my Senior Project portfolio last week, so all that's left for that is the actual presentation on the 26th. Guitar classes are going well, ooh, and I'M OFFICIALLY GOING TO SASQUATCH! It makes me so happy! I bought a ticket for Sunday and have the weekend off from work, so I'm going to do my senior project presentation on the 26th, go see X-Men III with a friend, then be picked up late Friday or early Saturday by another friend who is going to drive me down to the Gorge. Then we're going to have a blast on both Saturday and Sunday, and on Monday there isn't any school, so hopefully I'll be able to recover from the weekend.


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