Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Throwing and Slytherin Scarf

I discovered that I am now extremely comfortable throwing. It is a completely random occurence. My boss taught me how to throw (hold the yarn in the right hand and 'throw it, aka English style) so that I might assist other English knitters who came into the store for help. Because of this, I became comfortable enough with throwing that I could assist someone who needed help. However, my speed was greatly diminished and you could kind of tell it wasn't my usual way to knit.

But yesterday I dredged the Slytherin scarf out of the darkness that is my closet, and while I was working merrily away on it, I decided I should practice my throwing. Yet when I tried it, I found that my speed had increased, and my awkwardness with it had decreased. It was the weirdest thing. I haven't practiced it at all since I was taught! What the heck is going on? It's good, but it's like my brain needed to process it before it could even resemble my picking.

Hmm. The mysteries of the brain.

Anyways, my Slytherin scarf is coming along well. It's now four feet long! Since I like scarves absurdly really long, it's going to be at least six feet before I stop. Then, once I block it, it'll be even longer! And with fringe.... Ssssooon I will be drowning in my ssssscarf!! ::Evil hiss::

::Coughs, slaps herself on the back:: Sorry, my evil side took over for a minute. I'm sane all better now.

Other than that, and distributing my survey for my soc psych class tomorrow, working on my senior project portfolio, and work, I hope to go to the I Heart Rummage this weekend at the Crocodile Cafe. I'll have to see who wants to go with.

See ya!


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