Saturday, December 10, 2005

Quote/Scene of the day

I had written down this quote a long time ago and just recently found it when I cleaned my closet. It's from the mini-series Taken. ( This is in a 5th grade classroom, during the Cold War, right after a nuclear attack drill)

Teacher: Is there any reason why you're not under you desk, Jack?

Jack: I don't see the point

Teacher: The point is to be ready.

Jack: In the event of a nuclear attack on the Grand Falls Air Force base, which is the only military target within 100 miles, the initial blast would be jaring, but it wouldn't even break our windows.

Teacher: You don't take the threat of nuclear attack seriously then?

Jack: On the contary sir, I believe that in three days of an initial attack, 3/4 of the world would have been destroyed. I don't see the point of hiding from that kind of destruction under a desk.

And I just thought that was funny ( I mean the fact that drills were performed in schools where children would duck under desks in the event of a nuclear attack, because that's going to do a whole lot to keep you safe). I just think it's funny what humans will do in order to pretend to have control over something, or to convince themselves that by doing something like performing drills where they hide under desks that they will be safe. Ahh, the human mind.


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