Monday, December 12, 2005

Andre Rieu, Andrea's Present and Needle Case

I went to the Andre Rieu concert today, oops, yesterday. It was great, he has an incredible personality and he's very high energy, which makes listening to orchestra music fun. He did 7 encores, because we just wouldn't let him leave. ::grins:: He really geared the show towards the audience, with tons of jokes (that didn't fall flat!), and high audience participation. That's pretty amazing considering there were probably 9,000 of us. It made for an enjoyable evening, and I had pretty good seats, where I could actually see him and the orchestra! lol. The music was wonderful, and I heard the best version of 'The Rose' that I've ever heard in my life. It's my new favorite song.

I didn't knit at all today, I was too busy messing with my ipod, email and then going to the concert. Hopefully tomorrow I'll get 20 or so more rows done on Andrea's (my sister's) present. It's gorgeous, so it's killing me not to post a pic of it. But as it's a Christmas present, and she has the URL for this blog... URGHH! In the meantime however, I've momentarily abandoned my own scarf until I get hers done. Then I have to do mom's. It's all good though, I love knitting so it's not a hardship to put in several hours on each one.

My mom made me a wonderful knitting needle cloth case, I picked the fabric, designed it, and helped her piece it together, but she did the sewing. It's modeled after Lantern Moon's series of cloth needle cases, but I didn't feel like shelling out nearly $40 for one. Also, this way I got to chose the fabrics. I absolutely love the fabric; one is shimmery silver and the other is a royal blue background with silver chinese dragons on it. It was absolutely perfect for me.

Here's a sneak peak.

You can find the more about the needlecase in this post.


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