Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Carousel Embroidery has Begun!

I'm finally making a carousel horse using my embroidery pattern! I did end up making a few minor changes to the pattern, so I will upload the updated pattern shortly. I'm thinking of converting it into a pdf. If you download embroidery patterns, do you prefer jpegs or pdfs? I'd love to hear what you think.

I have these scrumptious towels that I found at Kitchen Kaboodle that I've been waiting to embroider. I'm using Nature's Kitchen Towels by asd living. They're 100% cotton. They have the same thickness as flour sack towels like I made my owl on, but they have a slightly more crinkly surface. I love their texture. The pack I purchased had three towels: white, black, and this gorgeous blue. I've decided since I want to make a white carousel horse the blue will be the perfect color.

I printed out my pattern and traced it with my iron-on pen.

Note that I traced out just the outline of the rectangles on the breast collar and sashing. My iron-pen did not have a fine enough point to do further detail. I will probably end up satin stitching them, so I just needed an outline.

Then I ironed the design onto the towel. I was debating resizing it to be a little smaller, but decided to keep the same dimensions. It's large but these towels are 28"x36" and I'm working on the short side, so I wanted the embroidery to balance out the long length.


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