Saturday, December 04, 2010

Carousel wins!

I've decided I'm going to do the carousel first. I want to do the radish in a smaller hoop, probably around 4". I have a 4" hoop, but I want to have that hoop available for the swap. Until I'm assigned a swap partner I won't know the design I'll use nor the hoop size.

For the fabric, I'm going to try to use cut up the large white flat sheet I got at the thrift store. I bought it because the texture reminded me of flour sack towels. I didn't try the needle test on it, just eyeballed it. Hopefully it will work out. If not, I'm down all of a $1.50. I'm really glad I found that specific thrift store. Their stuff is actually thrift store priced, unlike Goodwill who often charges more for a used item than you can buy it for new. So far I've found a fabulous black polka dot peacoat, the flat white sheet, and I went there on Thursday and found some more great stuff. I'll post that tomorrow, when I can take photos in the sunlight.

So, carousels. I've done quite a bit of Google image searching in the past few days. When searching for a new project, my design background really comes in handy. I find a lot of images, but none of them are the 'perfect' carousel horse. At the least they need a color change. However, most times I want to take bits and pieces from all of them to create my version of a carousel horse.

So far, I like the head on this one the most. I love the bridle, but the reins ending at the crest of the neck really annoy me. If I brought them down to the base of the neck while maintaining that style I think that would be pretty.

I love the saddles, saddle pads and extra stuff on these two. What on earth do they call all that decoration? Even as a rider I don't know. It's pretty, but it's also fake. It looks stenciled on. Clean lines with no dimension. I think I like that. In the photo above it looks like a real horse. That's fabulous, and I think eventually I'll make one like that, but right now I want something stylized. I'm not sure if I want it as clean as it is. I don't know if I want a little more realism.

So now I just need to combine bits and pieces of these, convert them to line drawings, and then make a transfer pattern out of it. Or I might just get lazy and just use one of these drawings instead of combining them.


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