Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Mission accomplished

Gingham: $14

Soundboard: $9
Staples: $3

A $26 pretty green board vs. $89+ for a commercial board?


The blocking boards are done! They're absolutely gorgeous, and have already been put to work. I love them, especially the green gingham. I like having the different color squares rather than just lines; it makes lining everything up so much easier. However, if I did do it again (and I might, because I have extra Soundboard left) I'd make them a bit bigger than two feet because:

a) I'm a big girl
b) I like knitting in the round, which means both pieces need to be blocked at the same time

Two ft comes literally only an inch too short, at least with the shaping of Soleil.

It's definitely do-able, like I said, only an inch short, and I think that Soleil's a little wider than my sweaters would be. The only problem is that I'd have to block any sleeves separately, before seaming them onto the body.

I can deal with that! I just love the green.


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