Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Beading: Another Addiction

(February 27, 2007 Vox)

Like I needed another one, right? What's this new addiction of mine? Notice I don't say hobby. Frankly, I think that anyone who is as obsessed with knitting and spinning as I am (and there are many of us) are in too deep to consider it a hobby. My new obsession is beading.

It's amazing how one addiction leads to another, kind of like gateway drugs. First, it was knitting, which I loved so much I wanted to start producing my own yarn, so it got me into spinning. Knitting also got me into bead knitting, where you knit the bead into the fabric. This introduced me to the wonderful world of beading. It was temptation itself to enter a bead store and to see all the bright and shiny things. Even if I didn't know what to do with it past using it in knitting, or bead knitting, I still was attracted to it. I started thinking: 'You know, I really like to wear unique dangly earrings. Earrings which I normally buy from small local and independent sellers. Wouldn't it be cool if I could make my own? They'd be the ultimate unique earrings, and once I accumulated a stash of beads, they'd actually be less expensive than buying them.' This train of thought has been in my head for over a month and a half, but what was really deterring me from getting started was the fact that I couldn't find a good book. There were plenty of good intro books to beading, but they only had one, maybe two projects of earrings, if I was lucky. At this point in time, I'm really not that interested in making anything else, although that may change. So a book dedicated to everything else probably wasn't for me.

Then. on Saturday, I found a book dedicated entirely to earrings. So far, without looking on the internet, it remains the only book that I've ever seen dedicated solely to earrings. It's called Beadwork Creates Earrings, and is wonderful. Look what I made!!!

My roommate's going to sleep, so I have to switch over to my laptop so my typing is quieter, so more on this later.
I'm going to bed. 'night.


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