Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Sari Silk

I've started a new project. (Looks around furtively, waiting for someone to jump out and yell at her). I know, I know. But there's extenuating circumstances. For one, this is the first time I've bought yarn in two months. Two, this yarn was really cheap. Three, I really, really wanted it. :D

It's sari silk! I found 200 grams of sari silk for only $10!! I was so ecstatic. Now that I've researched it a bit I know you can find it at prices somewhat similar to this (although still higher) on the internet, but the only sari silk I'd encountered before this was like $16 for 50 grams. Sheesh.
Unbiased front
Anyway, it's gorgeous so I've been knitting Unbiased, from Knitty. I have the two front pieces done. I've modified it a little bit, because 200 grams is about 7 oz, and the pattern calls for 11, so I downsized it. My bag will be 12 in by 10 in instead of 15 in by 12 in. Because of the decrease in size, I also modified it a bit so that the bag didn't dip down so low. Size eight needles seem perfect for this yarn. The garter stitch is loose enough that it retains flexibility. However, given that it'll be a bag, I'm thinking I should line the lining with interfacing if I want a bag that retains it's shape. Otherwise it'll be floppy. I haven't decided what I want yet. I also picked up a skein of TOFUtsies, which is really soft and in my favorite colors.

And I made quite a bit of progress on Clessidra. The ride there and back on public trans was quite a chunk of time, so I had some quality knitting time.

Clessidra 4-21-07


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