Thursday, November 30, 2006

I've learned...

first plied yarn
Ooooh, nifty. This cross post thing is awesome. Since I've started spinning, I've once again become an active member of spinningfiber (lj) and I had completely forgotten/neglected my lj I set up for spinning. At the time, I really wanted an lj account so I could join some fiber-y communities, so I set up that lj and pretty much haven't used it since. Once I lost interest in spinning I forgot about the blog. But this cross post thing enables me to post on vox, yet have an excerpt and link automatically sent to my lj. Very cool. I think their next step should be to add lj name tagging over here, as in you can link to people on lj automatically. They have their own vox version, but I think they should add lj as well.

Anyways, to the spinning! Sorry, no pics for you today. I'm still working on my one and only spinning project (I only have one spindle with me anyways), and surprisingly I haven't had time to spin today. ::Gasps in horror:: Unfortunately, I've been busy doing school work. I'd spin some right now, but my roommate's sleeping so the lights are off and I'm not quite that comfortable with spinning yet to be doing it in the dark. My single is coming along nicely, and it's been a great learning experience.

I've learned:
- technical skills (how to draft semi-consistantly, how to spin without your shoulder feel like it's gonna die)
- that it's a whole lot easier coming back to it even though I never really got the basics down prior to this
- I am definitely addicted
- rovings can be even prettier than yarns, and come in fabulous colors
- I love variegated roving, but not ones where there's only a little bit of colors running lengthwise
- I like the big, bright colorful rovings, like Shimmy and Fragile on this page
- The difference between woolen and worsted prep
- The difference between the uses of combs and cards
- I kind of already knew this, but spinners are really really nice people who don't mind out helping beginners like me!
- Spinning is addictive. It's worth repeating.
- I have a spindle, and that's all well and good, but I would enjoy a wheel better.
- I'm part zen part end result spinner. (See previous point)
- Time flies just as fast when as I'm spinning as when I'm knitting
- I can't wait until I have some money saved up so I can go to the Madrona Fiber Arts Festival and pick me up some roving and maybe a fleece


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