Saturday, July 01, 2006

Top 7 reasons why I had a good day

Quick post today.

Top 7 reasons why my day was good today...
1. Good day at work - enjoyed working and as a result the time flew
2. working with my manager tomorrow, who I haven't worked with in several months
3. knitpicks needles are shipped as of 6/26 (I'm trying one needle size and cables or experimentation from the Options kit)
4. good knitting books (best of aran afghans, Knitting Nature, and Sweater Design in Plain English)
5. I'm going to make my mom an aran afghan; she's picking out the yarn tomorrow (off-white Snuggly DK
6. my mom finally succumbed and I taught her how to knit (hold the yarn, cast on, untwist stitches, knit- she picked it up really quickly, especially considering she'snot a late night person - late being after 9 pm :D
7. I got a raise at work the week before last and I've worked so many hours last week that my check should be BIG for these last two weeks, and I'll get my check in the next couple of days


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