Monday, July 17, 2006

The tale of my knitpicks needles

Well, I'm ready to tell the tale of my Knitpicks needles.

I received my Knitpicks needles about three weeks ago, and was extremely excited to put these to work. As some of you may know, I bought them to use on my lace shawl and, most importantly to see if I wanted to buy the whole kit and sell my Denise's.

However when I tried to screw in the cable to the needle, there was a problem. I tried one of the cables, but it wouldn't screw in all the way to the needle. Thinking it was a faulty cable, which, while annoying, was not the end of the world. I tried the second cable. The second cable, even with the help of a cable key, and eventually a pair of pliars and a rubber grip, was stuck.

It wouldn't even reverse.

Ticked off, because I had anxiously waited for these, I sent an email to Knitpicks, saying that I wanted to be a happy customer, really I did, but the needles were faulty! Could I return them and get new ones?

A few days later, they sent me an email, apologizing for the problem and said that on a few needles there was a little grit that made the connection unable to screw all the way, but it didn't sound like that was it and could I please send the needles in so they could see what the problem was? They would send me replacements, free of charge.

I didn't have time to email them back before my computer deleted the email, but I had no problem with sending them back; I just wanted to make sure the new ones worked before I shipped the old ones.

And guess what arrived today? These are the new ones.

Look at that beautiful join! A great tip, and more slippery than the addi's!. I'm going to collect them all! Cheesy

This is the old needle and the new needle in comparison.

Doesn't that look so much better?

If you like slippery metal needles with a great point and join, I completely encourage you to go buy these!


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