Thursday, July 27, 2006

My KP needles arrived !

Guess what came yesterday? My Knitpicks needles! Look at that pretty case! I love the patterning on the front, it's the same kind of thing that I like to see on purses.

You would never guess that this is not a cd case, the depth of it makes it look even more like one. But what do my eyes spy? On the very bottom right corner, what does it say?

Ah, so it is a needle case afterall. This is the only clue that you have on the outside of the case that it is not a cd-case.

I can completely imagine someone finding one of these at a thrift store (some years from now, someone would have to die in order to willingly give these needles up ) and buying it, thinking it was a nice cd case. While they puzzle over what Knit Picks is, they open it up, only to find...

Needles! Lots and lots of needles all prettily arranged in their little pockets. Everything from US 4 - 11, from 24" -40", this clueless thrift store shopper now has enough needles to last her through her entire life! Along in each pocket are two needle tips plus a purple size thingy that you can put on the project after you move the tips to another project so you know what size needle you used (longest run-on ever, sorry).

The case comes with lots of built in pockets. Pockets in the front, pockets for books/paper/pens in the back. I like the nice zippered pocket in the front, as well as how deep the pocket behind it is.

All-in-all, a great needle set and needle case. Sarah is happy. Now if only someone could invent interchangeables that worked at the 16" lenth.

Oh well. In my humble ::snorts disbelievingly:: opinion, this is definitely the best needle set on the market. Go buy them! :D

You can find them at Knit Picks.


Kathy said...

What kind of material is on the case? It kind of looks cheap to me, so I've been waffling about ordering a case.

Sarah said...

Hey Kathy, I just sent my reply to your gmail account. If you have any problem getting the email, just let me know.

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