Wednesday, July 26, 2006

A paradox trapped in an enigma wrapped in an anomoly

This post is going to be short.

I just watched Primer. If you've seen the movie, that's all I need to say.

If you haven't watched Primer, continue reading. (Semi-spoilers ahead)

I'm just at a loss for words. Time Travel. A Paradox trapped in an enigma wrapped in an anomoly. Holy crap. That movie was just... mindblowing. Even now, my mind is just trying to comprehend what I saw. It's like Donnie Darko, only Donnie Darko was a G on the scale of mindblowing and Primer is frickin NC-17.

Aarons. And Abes. Lots of them. In a vain attempt to understand the movie I checked the boards, and the theories range from 3 Aarons to over 9. Holy crap.

This was definitely not the movie to watch at 12 in the morning. My brain just can't completely wrap around it. I'm going to have to buy the movie just to make sense of it.



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