Sunday, April 30, 2006

The Seattle Knitting Expo and Angora Valley Fibers

I really have other things I ought to be doing, but I just have to boast about my great time at the Seattle Knitting Expo. Unfortunately, there was a bit of confusion about class pricing, so I thought they were a lot more expensive then they really were. But anyways, I went crazy shopping at the vendors market. I knew in advance that I'd buy everything have the temptation to go overboard, so I only brought $60 in cash, and ten of that was for parking. But oh the beautiful yarns! There were a few vendors there who I wanted to buy everything that they had on display.

I purchased this lovely hank at Angora Valley Fibers. This picture does not do they colorways justice. It goes from a stunningly deep violet to a forest green and a blue turquoise. It's absolutely gorgeous, easily one of the most beautiful yarns I've ever seen. And of course, all of this line of yarns are absolutely stunning. Would you look at this closeup and more accurate picture of the beautiful colorway?

It's a stunning Hand dyed Superwash Merino Wool, and is soft enough to be used for a baby. And not only do you get the most beautiful, one of the softest wool yarns I've ever felt, but guess how many yards?

150? 200? 300? NO! 640 yards on this baby. That's enough for TWO pairs of socks people. For only $25 a hank. I'm in heaven.

Of course, I already have plans for this yarn. A gauge has already been knitted up, cast off, measured, and is now drying (not blocking, of course) so I can get a final measurement. I'm using my own pattern for knee-high socks, specifically tailored for me! (I have, what I lovingly refer to as, hockey calves, or equestrian calves). It means that while I can wear normal tall socks, they don't look as nice as they do on most people, they're a little too stretched. But since I now knit... I can make my own! It makes me so happY! lol. For the second pair, I may end up needing another hank to complete it since I'm making knee-highs, but I'm considering either this really nice beaded pattern or a cabled pattern. Still socks, of course! :)

I have fallen in love with Angora Valley yarn. I think that in the next few years, I will single handedly keep them in business, although I encourage you to order from them as well.

This is one of the great things about the SKE, as I'm going to call it. I was introduced to independent yarn suppliers who only have online stores; I now know that they are a real company, and not a scam, what their yarn looks like, and most importantly, what it feels like. I cannot express how important it is for me to know what a yarn feels like; I'm very allergic sensitive to some types of wool.

I've been hitting a few sales lately, and have bought several things.

Aren't they pretty? I love them all, especially that yarn (on the copy of Vogue Knitting), which I will discuss in the next post, and the sock and hat patterns. Modeling in betwixt them is my cat, lovingly nicknamed Fluffy. She lives on my bed, and when she isn't sleeping or eating, she is following me around, room to room. She's very clingy affectionate.

It's nearly one in the morning,so I probably should stop watching Firefly and go to sleep. We'll see if that actually happens. lol.


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