Saturday, December 24, 2005

A Quick Update

I've been really busy lately, what with Christmas and all, so I haven't had time to take pics and upload them. However, that is my goal for tomorrow.

Several days ago I finished the blue alpaca hat that I posted pics of a while back. I also started and finished presents for both my mother and my sister, but they both have the URL for this blog, so no pictures of those until after Christmas.

I started a sock with size 3 needles (DPNs, of course) and I turned the heel, picked up the stitches from the gusset, and am working on the foot of the sock. Of course I know that after this
sock is finished, I'll suddenly come down with SSS, but that's life, isn't it? lol.

I also gave into my HP fanatic tendancies (I've been denying them for quite some time now), and started a Slytherin scarf. Unfortunately, since my skin is really bad with most wool and I couldn't find the right color of green in a better yarn for under $19 a skein, I had to use Red Heart. ::shudders:: I like acryllic, but I hate Red Heart. It's just so stiff and .... icky. Makes my hands hurt. But I'm using it for the scarf anyways, but only for the green. I'm using Bernat Satin for the silver, a much softer and nicer yarn. My sock is also in Bernat Satin, in sky blue.

Tomorrow I'm going to venture out, fight the hoards of night-before shoppers, and go pick up materials to make my own knitting needles and stitch markers. I'm getting really tired of shelling out such a large sum of money for needles, and since I just started recently, I don't have enough needles in my hoard to be self-sufficient yet.

Hopefully I'll come back alive.

Gotta love Christmas shopping rush.


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