Friday, December 16, 2005

Productive Knitting Day

Well, I've had very productive last few days. On Wednesday, I finished my sister's present and added over an inch and a half to the hat I'm knitting in the round. Then today, while watching multiple episodes of Grey's Anatomy and South Park, I started and finished my mother's christmas present, using size 19 needles, so it finished pretty quickly. I also started a scarf (another one, I know!), with this really soft black yarn (feels like bunny fur), and have over 8 inches on that with size 15 needles.

Unfortunately, although both presents are absolutely gorgeous, I can't upload pics until after Christmas, as both my sister and my mother have the URL for this blog. I'll upload a pic of my scarf later.

Well, my sleep schedule is already EXTREMELY messed up, so I'm gonna go sleep.



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