Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Another Project

I had my last knitting class today, and I learned how to use a circular knitting needle. I'm working on a hat right now, although I'm only 4 or so rounds into it. I have to repeat the pattern for 7 1/2 inches! I've got to look over the pattern again though, and make sure I understand the order of when to decrease. I'm pretty sure that its about 7 inches in.

Here's a pic of my new project.

And it's ribbed. See?
And I finally took a picture of the beautiful needle case my mom and I made. It's modeled after the Lantern Moon cases, with 9 pockets for needles, 3 pockets for circular needles and 1 zippered pocket.

When it's closed/folded, it looks like this.

And when it's open, voila! The zippered pocket is on the left and the circular needles are in the middle.


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