Tuesday, April 05, 2011

How to Organize and Store Your Bead Collection - Part Two: Beads, Findings, and Tools

Last time I talked about how I stored my seed beads, so now it's time for other beads, findings and tools! My system is pretty basic, but it's the best I've found and works well for me.

I have one of these, and bought it it several years before they started selling them in craft stores. I bought mine at Fred Meyer. They are a lot cheaper at non-craft stores, Fred Meyer, Target, and I think Wal-Mart sells them. It's technically a tackle box, so they're in the Sports and Fishing section.

This thing is fabulous. The clips are strong and easy to snap and unsnap, and the tackle box is very portable. It keeps all my non-seed beads, findings and tools in one place. The bottom holds four individually sealed trays with customizable slots. It's great because when I bead I don't usually work at a table. I'm usually on my bed or sitting in a chair, and individual trays allows me to only remove the tray I need. Best of all, the tackle boxes come in a variety of sizes. While it was a tight fit when I had all my seed bead tubes in the lower tray, without the seed beads I have plenty of room to expand my bead collection. When I do fill it up I can easily buy a size up.

I keep my tools in the top portion. The top compartment is pretty deep. It easily holds 3 rolls of wire, 3 pairs of pliers, 1 cutter, a wire jig, beeswax, plastic bags and a variety of other items.

Each removable tray has customizable compartments. You can only change the size widthwise however, which while slightly annoying does make sense from a construction/durability point of view.

The first tray has my Nymo and beading thread, needles, precious stones and clasps.

The next contains all my silver beads and findings.

The third is my main beading tray, with lots of fun colors. You can definitely tell how easy it is for me to get locked into the blue-green-purple color scheme. I'm working on expanding that range.

And the fourth is the overflow, as well as some jump rings and beads without tubes.

How do you store your beads?


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