Monday, January 24, 2011

My First Crayon Tinting

I embroidered this lovely mushroom. This is the first piece that I've crayon tinted.

Tips for crayon tinting:
  • Color the fabric with medium light pressure. When I read how to crayon tint, everyone said to use light pressure. Evidently my light pressure is a lot lighter than theirs. Mine was so light that I couldn't even tell if the crayon wax had melted because it was so light. I ended up coloring another layer on top of it and re-ironing. Then it was the desired shade.
  • If washing or wetting at all, color the fabric with medium (not medium light pressure). I used a washable blue pen for some of the lines and once the piece was finished I soaked it to remove the markings. Some of the wax color left as well. Not much, but enough to be noticeable. Therefore next time I'll color a little darker.

Colors:   824 | 3765 | 945 | 321 | 3853 | 600 | 3765 | white


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