Monday, December 27, 2010

Andrea's Christmas Scarf (Part Two)

Note: You can find Part One here.
After I completed 14 repeats, I decided it was done and ready to be blocked. Luckily, I finished knitting just as Christmas Eve turned into Christmas Day. I was definitely down to the wire.

It looked like this before blocking.

I soaked the scarf in a bath of Soak in the bathroom sink. I love Soak!

The wet scarf looked really, really bright. Luckily, the yarn didn't bleed at all. Reds and pinks always make me nervous, especially when the knitted item is a gift.

Then I stretched it out on my blocking boards. This is when I wish I had three blocking boards instead of two. Instead, I used a towel underneath the middle of the scarf.

It turned out really well. I love the waves of the lace pattern. After consideration, I even decided that I even liked the way the colorway pooled.


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