Friday, July 10, 2009


So of course I say there's no sewing going on here, and then what do I do? Sew. I made this really cute little bag which I absolutely adore. I'm going to make a bigger tote version. It was a tutorial rather than a pattern, and the way the pattern was set up had you flipping the entire bag right side out through a little hole in the lining. The interfacing does not like this method, so it got a bit crinkled. Next time I'll just do the outer, then the lining, then just top stitch the lining to the bag. I still think it's really cute, crinkles and all. :D I drew a little butterfly then traced that onto contrasting fabric for the pocket, and cut it out of the outer fabric. I had a bit of issue using a blue pen to mark out the butterfly on the front - those marks did not want to go away, so the fabric got frayed a bit with all that rubbing. For the pocket I used the fine tipped blue pen and drew really really lightly, and that turned out perfectly. I used fray-chek to keep those ends from fraying any more. I even hand stitched the front!

Once that was finished I immediately started on another project - my shirt from McCall's 2964. It's been pretty smooth, I've had a couple of instances so far where I had to reread the instructions several times and try to think really hard about what they wanted me to do, but so far I've managed it. However, the problem I've run into is that only a few hours in (I'm a slow ironer/sewer) it's apparent that it's not going to fit me. I've already cut out all the pieces, and don't have enough fabric left over to cut more pieces. Of course, it's the bust part that isn't going to fit - I made the second to largest size, and the bust is way to wide, and not high enough. I really hate that patterns are made for a B cup; if you're substantially bigger than that, shirts are a pain in the ass. So basically what they did was for a bigger bust size, they made it wider without making it any deeper. I know I'll need to do a full bust adjustment on most of my shirt patterns, but I'm thinking I may be able to fiddle with this (because the bust part is a separate piece) in order to get it to fit. Of course, in order to do that I would need to go buy more fabric, then cut out a deeper/higher, but less wide piece. I think I'm going to try to do that, but if I can't find the fabric I'll probably just finish the shirt as practice. But the shirt is so pretty, I feel like I'm wasting all the fabric. Plus, while I loved putting the shirt together, it kind of kills my enthusiasm to know it's not going to fit. Isn't the fabric gorgeous?


Anonymous said...

Sarah, your bag is SO CUTE! I LOVE IT!

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