Saturday, March 29, 2008



Entrelac Bag. Patons Classic Wool Merino.
I can't remember exactly when I bought this. I had it for Christmas or Thanksgiving break my freshmen year as I remember feeling deathly ill and knitting while taking the Amtrak up to Seattle. I've had the first 3 1/2 tiers done, then I got distracted by some other project. Ironically, I picked it up when I was sick, during Spring Break 2008. This just seems to be the project I grab when I'm sick, probably because it's just stockingette, yet the frequent decreases keep it interesting.

(Note:: the blue is actually more of a green than a blue, not this bright blue the picture shows)

When I picked it up on 3/26/08, I had to switch needle sizes down to a #6. I had been knitting backwards for the purls, and when I started knitting and purling regularly my gauge was incredibly different. It's still a bit bigger than the original, but I don't feel like working it on a #4. In the end, I'm pretty sure the size difference will be pretty negligible once I felt it.

Kimono Shawl. I'm about half way done with this now. For the moment, it's resting in my striped bag, waiting to be picked up again. I'm very pleased with it. This is it lying non-stretched, non-blocked in front of the window. As you can tell by the vertical wrinkles on either side, it's actually a bit wider than this.


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