Saturday, March 29, 2008


The camera cord of yore has been found. I had left it at my house up in Seattle. So, here's an update of what I'm working on/completed.
The Purple Boxweave scarf out of Manos Silk. 2 skeins (with a little bit left over) Pattern modeled after my friend Kristen's scarf. Gorgeous colorway, soft enough to not make me tweak out. (Completed Christmas Break 2007)

My Alice Hat. Bernat Satin Solids. Modified Juneau Fair Isle hat pattern. I CO 25 sts instead of 35 between the earflaps then decreased the back by 5 sts.On the earflaps, after 5 rows of color I switched. On the body of hat, I switched colors after 9 rows.

Flared Legwarmers.
James C. Brett Marble, 1 skein. My own improvised pattern.


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