Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Welcome back to this blog!

Hi everyone! I've finally finished copy and pasting all my old posts from Vox (for archival purposes), so that's why I have 50+ posts in two days. This was the first blog I started, way back in 2005, but eventually I moved over to Vox. I had my quibbles with it, but overall it was decent. However, Vox started getting really bloated and really slow while not offering any more options/customizations. I should have known that in the long run, a site that was set up for those with no computer experience wouldn't have enough options to satisfy me for long. Unfortunately, the only place that has blog posts import/export functionality is for wordpress, and I believe Blogger might as well. Vox does not.

But then I found several art communities, and wanted to start a separate blog specifically for my drawings and scribblings. Luckily, I had kept my account open here, so I simply added another blog for my art.

However, I have lost my camera cord (the USB cord that links my camera to my laptop), and it has simply not turned up. In the past few months I've done a lot of switching between my two places of residence (school in Oregon and home in Washington), and it was a bit of a mess there as I was packing my things up, and giving and throwing lots of things away. I think I either left my camera cord there, or accidentally threw it out. I'm hoping to buy a new one soon.

Lot's of knitting has been going on here.

I've started and completed: my boxweave scarf with Purple variegated Manos Silk, my Alice hat with earflaps, my Knitting Needle Bag (actually all complete except the straps), and Flared legwarmers.

The project I'm working on right now is my Kimono Shawl, from Folk Shawls. I love this pattern. It only has a 10 st repeat, and it's actually more of a stole than a shawl, so there's no shaping. However, there's enough variety that it's still quite fun and interesting to make. It's a great beginning laceweight yarn project. In the past two days, I've completed over 22 rows on it. I also put in a lifeline, just in case. I started this project when I was housesitting over the summer, and used US 6 needles. However, I must have been a very tight knitter, as when I picked it up again yesterday I needed to switch down to US 4's to get something even resembling the original gauge. It's still slightly bigger, but I think it won't be noticeable once it's blocked. Hopefully that doesn't come back to bite me.

I've become absolutely addicted to Pride and Prejudice. I've watched the entire BBC version (around 5 1/2 hours) twice as well as rewatched the 2005 version with Keira Knightley. I love Colin Firth in the BBC version, and they did a much better job keeping Elizabeth in character. She was much more witty, yet Knightley's character was a little more smart alec-y. I also downloaded the entire Pride and Prejudice audiobook from LibriVox. Don't worry, Pride and Prejudice is public domain, so it's completely legal. I've always had a hard time listening to audio books because I am a very visual person and I am very picky about the speaker. However, the great thing about LibriVox is that I can listen to a chapter for a few moments online to see if I like the speaker's voice. You don't need to download it or anything to preview it. They offer streaming mp3 or ogg chapter by chapter, as well as a zip file of the entire book. You can even get an ebook, or get a chapter-a-day. Hopefully this will work out well. Unlike my other projects, the Kimono Shawl is not something that I can watch TV with. I can listen to the TV, but I can't take my eyes off of the shawl, even if they're not really focused on the project (the whole hard eyes vs. soft eyes thing).

I've upgraded my Mediamonkey (the best totally free player and media library in existence, as well as the best player out of all the paid ones) as I was over four versions behind. In the new version, they have increased their podcast interfacing/ability quite a bit. I have been enjoying the Cello podcast by Magnatune, Eastern Voices by Magnatune, and Indie soup.

Lastly, any projects that are mentioned here can be found on my Ravelry page. It's still in beta so there's still a waitlist to get on, but if you're already on there, I'm ObsessedKnitter!


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