Wednesday, January 09, 2008

It's been a tv day

So, I had a bad day. (Anyone else reminded of the song when I say that). So in an effort to completely forget it, I hung out with honooko and we watched Japan's version of reality tv; it was interesting, to say the least, and very funny even though I don't speak Japanese. After that we got dinner then proceeded to watch around 4 hours of Firefly, the best tv show in the history of the 'verse.

I recommend you watch it, rent it, buy it and support the Browncoat Cause!! Hilarious show which is really hard to describe (it sounds really strange when it is) but it is absolutely worth every second. I own the series, as well as the movie Serenity which was made to wrap up some loose ends from the series. Also highly recommend that. Serenity can be seen before the series; I saw it before the series, it was what got me hooked. If you're in anyway familiar with Joss Whedon, you should know that this is his treasure out of all his works.

While we were watching hours of Firefly episodes, since I can't sit still I managed to finish the strap on my teal bag that will be felted as soon as I go home for thanksgiving, and managed to attach it to the bag in three different places on each side. It may be overkill, but I've never felted a bag before and I want to be able to put heavy things like books in this bag when I'm done, so I wanted to really enforce the strap. I also started on a new bag from stash yarn, although as soon as I'm done with this bag I'll have to get more Cascade 220 to make more of these bags. I absolutely love making them, and I love unique bags, so it's a good match.

The swatch for my sister's Christmas present finally dried so I can measure and cast on accordingly. I didn't work on that during Firefly because I wanted something mindless, and as I've never made gloves before, they would not be mindless.

So in short, with friends, firefly, no school tomorrow, thanksgiving break on Wednesday, and knitting, my day is much better now!


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