Thursday, December 07, 2006

More FO's to report

I'm relaxing right now before I go to bed, so I thought it was about time I posted again. So far I'm doing a lot better keeping the updates frequent than my previous attempts on blogger, so I'm pretty happy with myself.
I survived my CS final, and I actually think I did pretty well.
In between studying and massively preparing for my upcoming tests, as well as detoxing from my CS final, I've beentaking knitting breaks (ie. knitting while checking email, or while watching tv).

I have a ::gasp:: couple of FO's to report.
First, I spun up the soy silk, and manage to get 55 yds of two ply. I also spun up 14 yds of 70-30 Merino Silk blend from one one foot piece of roving, also center pull ball plied.
Secondly, the Suki bag is finished! Well, it's finished in the sense that the knitting is done, but I still have to felt it then connect the felted handles to the bag. This means I'll have two bags to felt when I get home! Look at all the little ends. What the pattern wanted me to do, and that I was surprised about, is that they only wanted me to square knot the ends then clip the remaining yarn to an inch. So that's what I did. We'll see how it works.
Because I finished all the fiber I had with me, and finished Suki, I decided to pick up the Snicket Socks once again. I got some progress done: I finished the leg and turned the heel, but I really don't like how the heel turned out. The heel only fits correctly if I make sure to stretch the stitches up a bit, otherwise, when I relax my foot, I have a good couple cms of loose fabric. I've already decreased 8 sts after the heel in an effort to get it to fit better, but I think I'll have to decrease 8 sts BEFORE I start the heel, and make the heel that much smaller. It's a short row heel, one that I don't normally do in other socks I've made, I usually do a heel flap. So if all else fails, I'll go back to that. Otherwise, I really like how its knitting up and would definitely do this pattern again.


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