Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Edna Vest

Yes, you read right, I'm finally working on a project that resembles a sweater; something that actually has shaping and that I will wear, and something that isn't an accessory.

It's a vneck vest that has this pattern on the front, then is just plain stockinette on the back. The bottom of the vest is a 3 inch twisted ribbing, which I seem to be putting on everything. Right now, I'm working on the back, and it's actually coming along pretty well. I started it during our power outage.

And the power outage was a doozy. As some of you may know, Washington state had a huge storm.We had two inches of rain. In an hour.

While the rain was excessive, it was nothing too bad. But then combine that much rain with 90 mile per hour winds. It was disastrous. There were at least a million people without power, for incredible periods of time. Ours, as previously mentioned, was out for seven days. SEVEN DAYS.

We were one of the lucky ones; we have a wood fireplace in order to keep warm, and a small generator to keep us from going insane and killing one another, although that was pretty close, although we lost all the food in our freezers and our refrigerator. However, over 68 people were hospitalized because of carbon monoxide poisoning; they burned charcoal grills inside in an attempt to keep warm. Many had trees hit their houses, their boats, their cars. Some had to leave their homes and go to a shelter just to keep warm. Those who stayed slept in snowboarding/skiing/camping gear just to keep warm when their houses were 35 degrees. We did survive though.

Back to the Edna vest.
Pattern: Edna vest from Double Exposure
Yarn: Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran
Colour: 330010
Needles: Stumpos US 6 for the back, and probably US 7 for the front

I'll put some more up later, but since I've been home I've been neglecting this a bit, so I just thought I would break my period of inactivity.


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