Sunday, September 09, 2007

It's been crazy, or my summer in summation

Summer's finally over, and school is here. My professor's are definitely taking advantage of that, and although it's only the the third day of school, I've already been loaded down with reading. Luckily not many assignments yet, just reading.

I've been pretty busy. I worked all summer at Sears (I'm naming them as company C since I am no longer employed there) in order to save up for a car. I did save up some money, but luckily my parents helped me pay for quite a bit of it so I didn't have to get a clunker. Instead I got a '98 Civic Coupe DX (ie. no power windows, locks, or A/C) but I love it to death. My car is simply adorable, and fits me quite perfectly. It's amazing what a difference having a car has made so far. I've been able to go out to lunch with friends, go to Portland to meet the wonderful PDX knitters from Ravelry in order to go on a yarn crawl (more on that later) and went to Cannon Beach yesterday. I love it. I'm no longer going stir-crazy in this little town my school is in, and the trip to Portland does not take 2 hours each way.


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